What does Karat refer to?
Karat is a unit of measurement used to count the purity of gold. 14k is roughly 56% pure gold and the remaining percentage is alloys and other metal. "Carat" is the measurement used to measure the weight of a gemstone or diamond.
Can I use my old gold to create something new?
Yes! We love to repurpose old jewelry into something new. We believe this is the most sustainable and ethical way to create newly manufactured jewelry.
What is your process?
I use several different processes while manufacturing the jewelry. 3D printing, lost wax casting, and hand fabrication are just a few processes we use in the studio.
When can I expect my order to ship?
"Ready to ship" items ship same day, custom orders ship in 8-10 weeks and customized order that are in stock but need to be finished take 2-4 weeks.
Will the color of my piece wear over time?
Solid gold will wear slightly overtime but the color will never change. Sterling silver naturally oxidizes, gold-filled may tarnish slightly vermeil will eventually wear down to the silver core. Gold-plated jewelry will change color rapidly, however, we do not sell gold-plated jewelry.
Is the jewelry waterproof?
All of our jewelry is waterproof and can be worn in the shower, ocean, lakes and freshwater. Please be cautious when leaving opals in direct sunlight and make sure to rinse all pieces off after use in the ocean. Please note: Some sedimentary stones and pearls are commonly glued and should not be worn in the water. Care instructions will be specified in the product details so please read carefully before diving into the pool. In addition, chlorinated water, sulfur water or water with alkaline or acidic PH should be avoided when wearing the jewelry. If the skin is slightly alkaline or acidic this can destroy with metal. 
How should I care for my new piece?
All purchases come with a complimentary polishing cloth that can be used to lightly polish all metals. Please be cautious when using personal ultrasonic cleaners and high pressure steamers as Opals, Emeralds and organic materials can crack or disintegrate. The best at-home jewelry cleaning method is soapy luke warm water and a toothbrush reserved for jewelry only.
Can my custom piece be returned or exchanged?
All custom pieces are final sale since they go through a rigorous approval process before they are made, however sometimes the piece can be reworked at an additional cost. Any subsequent work done to an approved final product will be put to the back of the queue and require an addition 8-10 weeks for completion.